Sculpture to Wear

 Caterpillars 2009 (see Insects and Lies)

The Wedding 2012 (see The Wedding)
Rat Man and As Loki 2013 (see Fasnacht)

Medusa (see Medusa Stories)
Grey Heron & Hummingbird 2015

SOS 2013
40 x 60 x 6cm 

Helmet 2014
steel and silicone bronze

Mercury, The Swift and Secret Messenger 2012
Aluminium and steel detail 
160 x 154 x 70 cm

Tabard 2012 
Jute, palm wax, nylon
168 x 120 x 100cm

Argiope 2009 Felt and foam

Mimcry series (see  Insects and Lies)
Nut/Nuit 2011
wool, cotton and nutshells
160 x 150 x 4cm


Tears 2010
Glass and string 25x50cm
B&W hand printed photo with Clare Whistler

Her Skin 2008
iron and steel
170 x 65 x 40 cm
(hand printed black and white photograph)

Armour 2010
aluminium and brass
(photograph with Rebecca Boucher Burns)

Dress 2010
steel and polypropylene
135 x 135 cm with height variable
(photograph with Vicky Arney)

Cloak of Invisibility 2008
Zinc and steel
170 x 60 x 40 cm
hand printed B&W
photograph with Clare Whistler

Mantilla 2008
silicone bronze and steel
36 x 21 x 34 cm
(photograph with Clare Whistler 2010
hand printed black and white 20" x 24" )

Executioner of Riwa 2009
plaster and scrim
86 x 54 x 28 cm
(photograph with Clare Whistler)

Duster Piece 2008
Hand printed colour photograph
sizes variable 
Invisible Woman 2008
at Kingston University Canteen staff changing room 

Space for a Woman 2007
silicone bronze and steel
172 x 63 x 33cm

All images copyright Victoria Rance