Further images

In no particular order....

Unichera of Imanda 2010
Dyed string plaster and MDF

The Executioner's Wife
detail 2009

Tent 1999
mixed media 210x210x120cm

Tent 1999 detail

Sea Change 2001
at De la Warr Pavilion

Sea Change performance 2001
with Clare Whistler and Katie Tearle
composer Jonathan Dove
Invisible 2008
Installation in changing rooms of 
canteen staff at Kingston University
two costumes made of dishcloths and dusters
with photographs 

Invisible  installation 2008

Attic at Fe2O5 show
2005 Myles Meehan Gallery
Darlington Arts Centre

Pulpit 2006
powder coated steel 145 x 145 x 106 cm

Observatory 1999 
steel 516 x 156 x 156cm
at New Art Centre Roche Court

Installation in

Art and Disgrace 2009
Caterpillars, Wasp Spider and Beetle
The Bargehouse, London SE1

Below black and white artist's 

book alongside in show

Worms 2009
Watercolour on paper

Worm 2009
Dyed string
size variable
Argiope (Wasp Spider) 2009
With Vicky Arney Felted merino wool

Beetle 2009
contact sheet
Felted merino wool

Beetle 2009
Felted merino wool

Web 2009
with Clare Whistler
wood and silver thread

Duster piece 2008
Hand printed colour photograph
Tears 2010
with Clare Whistler
Glass and string
for performance at 
Centre for the History of Emotions
Queen Mary University of London

Duster piece 2008
Hand printed colour photograph

Dishcloth piece 2008
Hand printed 
black and white photograph
Dream 2004
at Standpoint Gallery
Mark Tanner Award show

Shelter 1999
at Sculpture at Goodwood
(Cass Sculpture)

Hands 1998
Brass and steel
15 10 x5cm

Discus Thrower 1979

Wood and steel
Newcastle University
with David Luff

The Holy Fool
Aluminium and Zinc

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