Spaces for...

A series of interactive sculptures exploring how psychic
and physical space is perceived and inhabited

Space for a Woman: Walking through the city (2011)
was also the title of my week long
research residency, as part of "Get a Desk" Projesi
Organised by Nancy Atakan, Volkan Aslan, 

a parallel project to Istanbul Biennial 2011 at
5533 Istanbul iMÇ 5. Blok, #5533, Unkapanı, İstanbul
funded by The European Cultural Foundation
and The Open Society Foundations. 

This was followed by
Medusa Hikayeleri / Medusa Stories
Ruken Aslan and Victoria Rance
curated by Denizhan Özer
at Chalabi Gallery Istanbul May & June 2012.

"Victoria Rance’s work takes a different tack and looks at a different set of problems for women. This ornate work is a cage, a screen trapping its subject into a corner. The ambivalence is clear in the way that this structure offers protection and security but it leaves no room to manoeuvre. It’s a ‘freedom’ in security which involves considerable sacrifice. While the artist states the sculpture was made in response to two books, Reading Lolita in Tehran a memoir of time in Iran in 1979 by Azar Nafisi (2003) and Bounty by Caroline Alexander (2003), it demonstrates a much more general concern and identification with fighting the repressive treatment of women. While the former book is set during the Iranian revolution and the second follows the plight of Tahitian women under the British mutineers; the work itself demonstrates the over-protected and highly circumscribed place of women when confined to the home in situations where their honour and security is to be protected by and dependent upon men."

Katy Deepwell  2009 in Feminist Art practices: rewind, remix and pump up the volume!


Space for a Woman 2007
silicone bronze and steel
172 x 63 x 33cm

Space for a Woman 2010
Steel and silicone bronze
190 x 60 x 60cm


Space for A Boy 2007
powder coated steel
100 x 104 x140 cm

Space for a Man 2007
(based on Egyptian Chariot from
Archaeological Museum Florence)
forged steel
345 x 100 x 94cm

Space for a Girl 2011
steel, wool, elastic and foam
210 x 80 x 80cm

Space for a Girl 2011 with figure
steel, wool, elastic and foam
210 x 80 x 80cm