Psyche and Ariel


A response to 2020

“Rance’s Work as a whole both reveals and acknowledges the disturbing things that are going on around us before offering us an alternative or means of protection; uniting the knowing and the not knowing, the visible and the invisible, the supernatural and the rational, the loving and the terrible.” Anna McNay

This has been a year of reckoning. The fractious politics, the threat of climate breakdown and the devastation caused by Covid 19 has hit all of us very hard. While I was ill with COVID19 I  made animations, mostly from a shoebox in bed, and these can be seen online and on my instagram account.

My response as an artist has been to use the lockdown and isolation as creatively as possible, as a campaigner to embrace a new vision for how life could be with cleaner air and less travel, and as a human being to find inner strength and resources.

I have reread Amor and Psyche by Erich Neumann which I first read in 1994. The difficulties faced by Psyche, her courage, her failures and actions in overcoming them, her embracing of help from others, and her re-finding of love (Amor/Eros)  make a vital story. I have also been reading his book The Great Mother.

As many shows and perfomances have been cancelled I have chosen another way to share my work, see catalogue. Many of these works are currently in Can We Ever Know The Meaning of These Objects Gallery 46 until July 22nd 2021

18 2020 pewter 18 cm high


Venus Maria 2020 pewter 10cm high


Mayfly 2019-20 pewter 13cm high

Two Snake Woman 2020 pewter 13cm high

Bird 2020  pewter 19 cm high  unique multiple ed of 2                                                                                                                   
Uroborous 2020 detail pewter 24cm high ed of 4

Flower Woman 2020 pewter 14cm high edition of 4









Caduceus II 2020 pewter  10 cm high edition of 5