Fisherdottir is my alterego in a series of animations started while I was  ill with Covid in 2020.

I had brought home a shoebox of felt from my studio and while in bed made the dolls and sets from its contents and used the shoebox as a mini studio. 

My son Cole Pemberton wrote the music for each of them. 

The Adventures of Fisherdottir on vimeo 7mins 30sec a compilation of 4 animations 2020

The Adventures of Fisherdottir 2020 still


Fisherdottir in Space on vimeo 2021 1min 12 secs

Fisherdottir in Space 2021 still

Fisherdottir and the Grey Heron on vimeo 2022 I min 7 secs

Fisherdottir and the Grey Heron 2022 anmination still